7 Days Rongai Route

7 Days Rongai Route

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The only route that starts from the Northern side or Kenyan side of Mt. Kilimanjaro is the Rongai Route. The remote location of the route during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing offers the perfect wilderness experience. Tanzania’s large number of wildlife such as antelope, buffalo, elephant and primates can be spotted easily.


Difficulty – Low


Distance – 73km/45miles


Duration – 6-7 Days

Success Rate

Success Rate – Medium

As Rongai Route Kilimanjaro approaches from the northern side, so climbers often experience less rainfall. Clear and unclouded views of the majestic Kilimanjaro through this route is great.

Rongai Route doesn’t offer climb high, sleep low profile because of the flat landscape. The remote location of the route attracts less traffic as compared to all other routes. The descent is via Marangu Route.


  • Only route that approaches from the North

  • Possible in the rainy season

  • Usually offers the clearest views of the mountain

  • Panoramic views

  • Quieter than the other routes

  • High chance of seeing wildlife

It’s recommended to do the seven-days Kilimanjaro Climbing as the topography of this trail doesn’t afford many opportunities to ‘climb high, sleep low’. The 7 Days Rongai Route includes an acclimatisation day at Mawenzi Tarn Camp, which gives your body time to acclimatise.


The exact climbing distance for the Rongai Route is 72km or 44 miles.


The Rongai Route Success Rate are greatly increased with the longer itinerary option. Whilst there are no official statistics, the average success rate across all operators is 80% for the 7 days climb and a 65% success rate for the 6 days climb.


The Rongai Route is the only route that approaches the summit from the north side of Kilimanjaro. Therefore, the scenery is one of unspoiled wilderness. There is a higher chance of seeing wildlife on this route than any other.


Kilimanjaro Rongai Route is one of the best ways to experience this mighty mountain. Does our unique itinerary and information excite you? If so, get in touch today. Take the next step towards achieving your goals of climbing Kilimanjaro.


Learning about the Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and planning your route and flights is just the beginning of your adventure!

Have you stopped to consider Malaria Prevention? Altitude Sickness? First Aid and others?

Well, we have you covered! We have put together a range of in-depth Climb Kilimanjaro Guide to help you with all of these extra factors, some of which you might not have even considered! These are all specifically related to Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, to ensure you get the right assistance to help you on your climb.

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Tour Details

7 Days Rongai Route

Located on the northern side of Mount Kilimanjaro this route is among the easy routes known as ( fanta) route. The route pass through different landscapes which are spectacular. Minimum number of days is six , seven to eight days, unlike Marangu route this route consists of camps. The trek starts south of the Kenyan border up to a point where it comes to merge with the Marangu route for the summit climb. After reaching the summit we descend back via the Marangu route to the Marangu gate. Here you will sign out and then driven back to your hotel.


Elevation: 800m - 1950 m - 2650 m

Distance: 8km

Hiking time 3 -4 hours

Habitat: montane forest

The shuttle will pick you up at the hotel just after breakfast to Rongai gate. We will pass through villages and coffee plantation with banana trees along the way to Rongai gate where you will register to attain a pass and weighing of our equipments. After the legal papers a signed we start trekking through the montane forest up to Simba camp. Dinner will be served here with a briefing from your guide as usually of the next day.

Elevation: 2650m - 3600 m

Distance: 17km

Hiking time: 7 hours

Habitat: moorlands

On this day just after breakfast we start climbing to the second cave campsite a hot lunch will be served here. After lunch we trek crossing moorlands to Mawenzi peak to kikelelwa campsite situated in a sheltered valley. We will have dinner here with a briefing of the next day.

Elevation: 3600m - 4330m

Distance: 3 Km

Hiking time: 4 hours

Habitat: semi desert

Today after having breakfast we start a steep short trek up a semi- desert to Mawenzi turn camp situated directly beneath Mawenzi peak. At Mawenzi turn hut camp you will be able to see the spectacular undried lake which doesn’t have an inlet nor outlet. Lunch will be served here and a rest before dinner and briefing from your guide about the next day.

An extra day for those are on a 7/8 days itinerary will spend another night at camp. Your guide will trek you up to Mawenzi ridge for a splendid acclimatization. Back at camp you will be served with lunch. Dinner at camp with a briefing of the next day.

levation: 4330m - 4720m

Distance:8 Km

Hiking time: 4-5 hours

Habitat: Alpine desert

Here the trek starts as usually after morning breakfast to kibo hut where lunch will be served. After lunch will be a briefing on the summit trek and checking your mountain gear for the summit. Resting follows before dinner and an early sleep for recuperation. You are advised to drink a lot of water and to eat much of the served dish.

Elevation: 4720m - 5895m - 3720m

Distance: 6km up / 15 Km down

Hiking time:12-15 hours

Habitat: Alpine desert

We will wake up at midnight, take a light breakfast before the summit hike. On this hike you will need to have water 2-3 litres and some chocolate bars. We will ascend for 6-7 hours. We will walk along the kibo crater ridge for one and half hours from gilimans point to uhuru peak. Escorted by the early sunrise, at uhuru peak we will take 10-15 minutes for taking pictures before descending back to kibo hut where you will be served with hot food and taking a short nap before we descend to horombo campsite . Dinner will be served at horombo campsite and overnight.

Elevation: 3720 m - 1800m - 800 m

Distance: 19km

Hiking time: 5-7 hours

On this day after having slept at horombo campsite you will be served breakfast before packing for our descent. We pass through moorlands to mandara hut where lunch will be served. After lunch we move again through the montane forest to Marangu gate. At the gate you will sign out before being driven back to the hotel, where you will be provided with a certificate and you to give tips to the whole crew.

Include And Exclude


  • Transport to and from
  • Allowance for the crew
  • First aid kit and oxygen tank for an emergency
  • Rescue car
  • Park fees/ VAT


  • All things of a personal nature
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Tipping
  • Airport Taxes
  • Sleeping bags


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