Why Should You Not Consider The Cost-Effective Way To Climb Kilimanjaro?

The temptation for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing can’t be erased from the mind of trekking lovers. Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget may not be effective as you think, but achieving your dream can become true only in a moderate price. To Climb Kilimanjaro in an Affordable way, you need proper planning, perfect training for fitness, choosing a short routes, and quality gears on rent.

As you know, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest and freestanding mountain of 19,341 ft height of Africa continent. The amazing view of the snow-capped mountains on the northern side of Tanzania attracts most of the new and professional trekkers every year. As the best Kilimanjaro Climb Operator, we are giving some information to show you why it’s not good for Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Is Not An Affordable Adventure

The flight ticket, accommodation, high park fees, hiking gears, and logistic costs have major impacts on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing On A Budget.

Though the prices for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing vary and costs for trekking packages is within $1000 - $4000, you should avoid the package for Budget Kilimanjaro Trek below $1700.

For Budget Kilimanjaro Climb, you should consider the route you have chosen and the days will be spent by you. For these factors, you should choose the group and the most suitable short route. More people in a group, cheaper will be the price.

The packages offered by trekking operators include airport transfers, full board during the trek, Kilimanjaro Porters fee, professional guides, cooks, camps, huts, and accommodation for overnight.

  • The costs for one person per day:
  • Park fees, camping fees, taxes - $185
  • Staff and transportation - $150
  • Food - $20
  • Special beverages, administrative costs
  • Tips
  • When considering the Kilimanjaro Routes, choosing the shortest route with short days may affect your successful summit due to poor acclimatization.
  • The routes having low traffic and offers more scenic views are the expensive ones.
  • International flights to and from Tanzania, make your trip to Kilimanjaro expensive depending upon the one-stop or two stop for Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Visa for Tanzania:
  • Single entry visa- $50
  • US passport holder visa- $100
  • Multiple-entry visa- $100
  • Transit visas with a 14 days validity- $30
  • Vaccination and medicine for yellow fever, measles, and Hepatitis A, Diphtheria, and malaria costs can’t be avoided. The yellow fever vaccination will cost you $150.
  • In the case of food and accommodation, it depends upon the level of accommodation you want and the days of your stay before and after trekking for Kilimanjaro matters most.

Your Safety Completely Depends On Guides

For your successful Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, the trekking guides, assistance, Kilimanjaro porters, cooks, and others take care of your on your entire hiking.

As you know, the Tanzania government regulated the policy for the safety of trekkers that mandate that trekkers should register with Park authorities accompanied by a registered licensed guide.

On your path to Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking guides, porters are the real friends to protect you from any harsh conditions. The porters, assistances are the crew members who arranged your camp at a safe and sound place for your overnight.

Every year, Kilimanjaro Porters even die because of insufficient clothing, shelter, insufficient food not provided by the respective tour and trekking operators. Tipping not only motivate porters to provide excellent service, but also improve their financial status. So, the reward they actually deserve can’t be avoided.

For the knowledge expertise of trekking guides, the journey for the summit becomes smooth and hurdle free. For the support of Kilimanjaro porters, the camps, cooking settlement, lifting high weighted luggage becomes possible.

Paying or tipping them because of their hardworking and dedicated service can encourage their motivation to give you a unique and comfortable journey for Mount Kilimanjaro.

Don’t avoid to tipping them because of the Budget Kilimanjaro Climb as they are the lifesavers and major support for your dream for a successful summit.

The Food Should Be a Good Quality

Before and after Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, you shouldn’t take any cheap or unhygienic food. It can affect your health negatively. There are some restaurants in Moshi and Arusha town where you can get hygienic and better quality food starting from $10.

Don’t compromise for getting better quality food for your health in your planned Budget Kilimanjaro climb.

Quality Of Gear For Climb Kilimanjaro

Hiking Gears and their quality are the most important factors to tolerate the adverse climate on Mount Kilimanjaro.

You can also use the second-hand gear by borrowing them on rent for the Budget Kilimanjaro Trek. But don’t neglect the quality of the gears.The price for the gears on rent can be in between $20 and $60.

You should buy or take on rent by checking the quality. Do not compromise on the quality of gears to save your money.

Hats, ski jacket and fleece jacket, Hard Shell & Waterproof Jackets, Sunglasses, Shirts & Base Layers, Soft Shell & Down Jackets, Gloves, Ski trousers, rain trousers, and fleece trousers, and sports shoes are the clothing gears.

The Kilimanjaro Gear List includes Gaiters, Socks & Sock Liners, hiking boots, Microspikes, Trekking Poles, headlamps, Duffle Bags, Ski Goggles, hand warmers, hydration pack,  Sleeping Bags, etc.

The idea for Climb Kilimanjaro cheap is not easy as we think. But there is no need to worry as Wilder Heritage, the best Mount Kilimanjaro guide is with you.

To give a unique and amazing experience, we are providing different packages for the safari tours and trekking. We are available all time to make your dream to Climb Kilimanjaro On A Budget.

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