Kilimanjaro Gear List

Kilimanjaro Gear List

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Summiting the peak of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro is really a challenge as well as a life-changing experience. So to make it successful you should be well-equipped with the necessary gears. Kilimanjaro Gear List - Here is a quick list of all the gear that you need to pack for your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.

You need to have Kilimanjaro Gear List for all weather! We’ve put together a comprehensive Kilimanjaro Climb Packing List to help you with your Kilimanjaro preparation. Also We have prepared a checklist of things you should pack for Kilimanjaro Climbing. Have a look.


Kilimanjaro Clothing:

  • 1 Insulated Jacket

  • 1 Fleece Jacket

  • 1 Rain Jacket

  • 1 Short Sleeve Shirt, moisture-wicking fabric

  • 2 Long Sleeve Shirts, moisture-wicking fabric

  • 2 Hiking Pants

  • 1 Fleece Pants

  • 1 Rain Pants, side zip recommended

  • 3 Underwear, moisture-wicking fabric

  • 1 Long Underwear, moisture-wicking fabric

  • 2 Sports Bra (women)

Kilimanjaro HeadWear:

  • 1 Wide Brimmed Hat or Cap

  • 1 Warm Hat or Beanie

  • 1 Balaclava or Buff

Kilimanjaro Hands and foot Wear:

  • 1 Gloves, warm, waterproof

  • Water resistant semi-stiff hiking boots – mid-weight boots work great

  • Shoes for overnight camps – i.e. sneakers, running shoes, etc

  • Socks – several pairs for the climb

  • Liner socks – to keep your feet dry and limit the risk of blisters

Essential Items:

  • Duffel bag – large enough for all climbing gear and clothing. To be carried by the porters. An extra bag to be left at the hotel with extra gear

  • Small luggage lock – to lock zippers

  • Day backpack – between 20 – 35 litres. Large enough to carry your water, camera, raincoat, lunch pack, snacks & warm clothing

  • Sleeping bag

  • Ski-pole / walking stick

  • Water bottle/containers

  • Kilimanjaro map (Can be bought at Park gate)


  • 1 Sleeping Bag
  • 1 Sleeping Bag Liner
  • 1 Duffel Bag, 90L, for porters to carry
  • 1 Daypack, 30-35L, for you to carry
  • 1 Backpack Cover, waterproof
  • 1 Trekking Poles, collapsible
  • 1 Headlamp, with extra batteries
  • Camera, with spare batteries or Smartphone with a portable charger

Other Accessories

  • 1 Sunglasses, full coverage

  • 2 Water Bottle, 1 liter

  • 1 Water Bladder, 2 liters

  • 1 Camp Towel, quick drying

  • 1 Pee Bottle, to avoid leaving a tent at night

  • Dry Bags or Plastic Bags, to keep gear dry and separate


  • 1 Sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher

  • 1 Lip Balm, SPF 30 or higher

  • 1 Insect Repellent, containing DEET

  • 1 First Aid Kit, basic

  • 1 Toilet Paper, full roll

  • 1 Hand Sanitizer

  • 1 Wet Wipes and body wipes

  • Toiletries

  • Energy bars or energy drink supplements

First Aid Kit

Diamox, Antibiotics for gastro and intestinal infections, anti-malaria, painkillers and your regular medications water purification drops, band-aids, antibiotic creams Before your departure consult with your doctor and do a proper health check-up. Don’t forget travel insurance as nothing is more precious than your life.

Make a print out of the list and tick off the Kilimanjaro Packing List items.


Learning about the Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and planning your route and flights is just the beginning of your adventure!

Well, we have you covered! We have put together a range of in-depth Climb Kilimanjaro Guide to help you with all of these extra factors, some of which you might not have even considered! These are all specifically related to Kilimanjaro Climbing, to ensure you get the right assistance to help you on your climb.

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