MasaiBoma Day Tour

MasaiBoma Day Tour

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A Maasai Boma is a traditional small hut made up of mud and cow dung. The Boma is surrounded by a circular fence that protects the tribe and their cattle from the predators.

A visit to the Maasai Boma or Maasai dwelling let the visitors know about the tribal customs and the methods of how they build such type of houses.

The trip is truly wonderful as the tales of the Maasai people, their history and their way of life are inspiring.

The Maasai’s knowledge of the land, nature and stunning wildlife will fascinate you. Strolling in the spiritual trails with a professional guide is an experience that needs to be highlighted in your visit to this amazing land.

A tasty lunch during the trip is served.


Day 1+

Masai are Nilotic ethic group inhabiting central and southern kenya and northern Tanzania. They are among the best known local population due to their residence neat many games park of the African great lakes and they are nomadic pastrolist because they move alot looking for grass and water for their cattles. They depend so much on their domestic cattles. They have a very unique custom and dress of which all over the world they are very well known for their uniqueness and they speak the Maa language. Preservation of their proud traditional has set the Maasai, apart from other indigenous group in Tanzania. Guest will have the privilege to participate in cultural activities.


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